She isn’t usually a competitive shopper. She doesn’t do Black Friday or Groupons or buy in bulk. 

But when a wedding shower invite comes she wants to be the first to buy from the registry. She feels a sentimental attachment to giving the bride and groom, any bride and groom, new soft bath towels. 

She doesn’t think she knows why this is and then she remembers the first days of her own marriage. The canary yellow bathroom, the honeymoon UTI that she didn’t want to treat while traveling and was so bad when she got back that she could hardly move. And then the allergic reaction to the antibiotic. Fever and rash. New town. New apartment. New spouse. New health care plan. New doctor. No job. All of this at once. But there were also those new plush towels. 

 Filthy black gunk was backing up into the canary yellow bath tub again after that Russian landlord said it was fixed. She sobbed about into the phone of her husband who happened to be out at a movie that night. The weight of it all felt like too much for a newlywed alone in that canary yellow bathroom. His gentle words calmed her. If this man she loved so much said everything was going to be alright she would trust that it would be. 

 Every day after every shower she stepped  onto that new cushy bath mat and wrapped her body in one of those new fluffy towels. And it was going to be ok. 

She texts her sister, feeling a little type A and neurotic for getting on this task so early, almost two months before the wedding shower: 

do you want to go in on a gift together? I know the shower isn’t for over a month but I love to buy towels. Marriage is hard but towels are soft. 


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