Christmas Cookie

The parties are over so now it’s official: my favorite cookie of the season came as a gift in a box. Our friends down the street, who don’t even celebrate Christmas, kindly gave us a box of Belgian cookies they purchased from a Middle Eastern grocery store.

There were three varieties in the box, none of which I’d had before. This delicate waffle variety was my favorite. They were called butter thins on the package but I think in the Netherlands they are called stroopwafels. In Amsterdam I’ve heard you can get them fresh and hot as street food which I imagine are even better.

But I love these boxed ones for the time being. They are very crisp and buttery and not too sweet and have just a hint of lemon flavor. They are excellent with tea in the afternoon on a cold lazy day between the holidays.

Now I can’t get the word stroopwafel out of my head. My brain keeps thinking it over and over with a very rolled “r”–strroopwafel! Strrroopwafel!


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