Scallops, scallions, shallots

Scallops, scallions, shallots

We are having scallops with scallions and shallots.   Try saying that five times fast.

Scallops, scallions, shallots

Which one is not like the other? Well, scallions are green, scallops and shallots are whitish. Then again, scallions and shallots are in the onion family leaving scallops as the odd one out, being not even a plant but a bivalve.

Scallops and scallions–as far as I can tell–share nothing in common but their first sylable, which may be why I have such trouble. In my head scallops, scallions and shallots are as tangled as necklaces in a toddler’s jewelry box.  This may be because none of them found their way into my vocabulary until adulthood.  If I hear or read  or want to say one of them I have to focus to conjure up the image in my brain. It doesn’t help that they are all food words.

Shallops, scallots, shallions

Scallops, scallions, shallots


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