note to self

You may just not have as much time as you think.  Last night on the PBS Newshour  doctor Ezekial Emanuel (yes, the brother of the Chicago mayor) was interviewed by Judy Woodruff about his article for The Atlantic in which he says after age 75 he wants to stop medical care and accept that death is coming soon and not fight it so much.

In passing he mentioned that at 75 one’s brain can’t be creative as it was at say, 50, or younger.  I was taken aback by this.  I just keep thinking that now is the time to live my life and then I will spend the last few decades reflecting and reading (even more), traveling, doing crosswords puzzles, playing the ukelele, and most importantly, writing.

Mostly my stance until this point has been that while blogging and light writing in younger adulthood is good practice, one can’t write well enough at age 20 or 30 because one hasn’t lived long enough to have the perspective and wisdom that comes with age (Also, as you may have noticed, my grammar could use a little work. Those pesky comma rules….). I kind of forgot that as I age, so ages my brain.  Better get crackin’.


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